Femcan: focuses on a female cannibal(s). incest: the story involves sex between blood relatives. live cooking: somebody is prepared as food while still alive.
Femcan Fiction

april 7

eaten by a femcan story eaten by female cannibals eaten by femcans eating by femcans e****c cannibal femcan e****c fanfiction cannibalism fattening.
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Femcan cannibalism - test page for the ssl/tls-aware apache 8. the flesheating safari. cannibal corpes cannibal dinner party. anita cannibal striking. slash fiction.

Mimi striker is a fanfiction author that has written 4 stories for hetalia - axis later on fruk, slight ruscan, and slight us/femeng also ocs and chibi femus/femcan.  

Femcan oyster ~femcan stories~ - home || jnm trading amp; consignment femcan safari. cannibal corpes cannibal dinner party. anita cannibal striking. slash fiction.

Cannibalism, cannibals, dolcett, erotic, erotica, femcan, fetish, the stories posted in this community are all works of fiction, and things can happen.
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